How to make your TV screen RED

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Turning your TV screen red at night has many benefits. 

To do it you will only need a remote control for your TV.

Newer TVs have this function called RGB only mode (This one is a 2016 Samsung LED TV). 

In the settings, you can choose 3 colors RED, GREEN, BLUE.

To make the TV screen red go to:

  1. Settings 
  2. Screen Settings or Picture
  3. Advanced Settings
  4. RGB only mode
  5. And choose the Red option
how to make your TV screen red
Go to Settings -> Then Picture
how to make your TV screen red
Go to Advanced Setting
how to make your TV screen red
Go to RGB only mode
how to make your TV screen red
Choose RED

This setting can be undone by choosing RGB only mode off.

If you do this, the amount of blue light emitted from the TV will get massively reduced. Though it will not completely eliminate it. So you still want to wear blue blocking eyeglasses

This feature is good for protecting our skin from artificial blue light which has been shown to increase skin aging, skin dryness. 

Also, it will help your circadian rhythm (biological clock) which is responsible for hormone secretion.

Blue Light Increases Cortisol Production

Our skin and eye contain a light detector called melanopsin which sends signals to the brain if it senses blue light to start producing cortisol and stop the production of melatonin. This is why during the day we usually do not get sleepy. Though in our non-stopping world our biological clocks sometimes get confused by the light we give them and then it can not function well.

Blue light from screens is bad, especially at night, but from the sun it is beneficial. Why? Here is our post which will teach you which lighting is good for your body.

Low melatonin levels (our sleep hormone) can lead to sleep problems, increased breast, and prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s & diabetes according to Harvard Research. 

They suggest minimalizing screen time at night or wearing blue-blocking night-time glasses with red lenses.

There are also many good phone and computer apps to reduce blue light.
Here is our post about the best softwares to reduce blue light on your devices


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