Blue Light Protection

Protect your eyes from high-energy blue light coming from screens, lamps, car lights. Our Blue Blocking Glasses reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches.

Blocking blue light at night has been shown to boost melatonin levels which is responsible for deep sleep.

Protect your eyes from
high energy blue light

Blue Light from phone, laptop, LED
can cause eye and health problems

Next Level Health Protection

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Blue Blocking Glasses

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Red Light Therapy

Biohacking & RED 660nm and Infrared 850 nm Light therapy Panel

Red and Infrared light therapy

Benefits of red light therapy: Reduces wrinkles, acne, better skin health.
Improves thyroid function, boost immunity, fights off inflammation.
Contributes to energy production in the mitochondria and helps with muscle

How Earthing can heal your body


Regular grounding of our body restores our body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation and insomnia, and improves blood flow.

earthing reduces inflammation

What is Earthing? Watch the Earthing Movie

Earthing mat

Earthing Mat

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