Is all Bue Light BAD?

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Which blue light is bad?

We hear from the news that blue light can cause all kinds of health problems, sleep issues, and more.
But do you know that blue light is also beneficial for alertness, mood, cognitive function, and memory?
So in short not all blue light is bad, but be careful because according to the studies on blue light most of the gadgets and lamps we use today can be emitting dangerous amounts of high energy visible blue light (HEV).

Blue Light at Night

Blue light at night has been confirmed by numerous prestigious studies to be deleterious at night.

  • University of Harvard (1) has linked blue light exposure at night to increased risk of:
    ❗Breast and prostate cancer
    ❗Heart disease
    ❗Increased risk for depression.
  • A tremendous number of studies on blue light have been published by the prestigious PubMed
    (most of them are double-blind placebo-controlled). These studies have found that artificial light at night in short ALAN are causing many health issues, such as(2,3,4,5,6):
    ❗Circadian rhythm disruption
    ❗Sleep disorders
    ❗Poor sleep
    ❗Increased weight gain
    ❗Increased blood sugar levels
    ❗Lower melatonin levels
    ❗Faster cell death

All in all, you would want to block or avoid artificial light at night because it can cause these health issues.

Blue Blocking Glasses have been found to reverse these negative effects. (7,8)
Since the light from our smartphone screens, TVs, laptops, LED lights are causing the problem by entering through our eyes.

blue light damages the eye
Blue light can damage the retina

In the eye, there is a so-called blue light receptor called melanopsin which is there to send signals tot he brain if it is day or night.

When our body is constantly exposed to blue light even at night it can not switch into the night-time regenerative function thus preventing our body to heal and repair oxidative damage and also decreasing the anti-aging, anti-cancer hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is an essential hormone for cell regeneration, deep & refreshing sleep (9,10). It has been found that the higher serum melatonin at night the smaller the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes. (11,12)

You want to protect your melatonin levels.

Melatonin is produced during the day by sun exposure. So one more reason to spend time outside among the bunch of other very beneficial effects. Read more about how much sunlight do you need and how to sunbathe without suncreen and still avoid sunburn (which is not good).

Blue light during the day

When we wake up blue light is beneficial, since it helps our body to wake up and it can jumpstart our hormone production (13). It can help optimize our circadian rhythm (our biological clock) which has been shown by numerous studies to be essential for balanced hormone levels, healthy gut flora, and energy levels during the day.

But not all blue light is good though. Today’s technology uses energy-efficient lights which emits exclusively 450 nm blue light which is a very high energy light. What is even worse that these lights do not emit infrared rays that are responsible for healing, countering the damage caused by blue light.

This is why we recommend using the good-old incandescent light bulbs since they emit the largest amount of healing infrared rays and little blue light compared to LED lights.
Using blue blocking eyeglasses is also a smart decision. Daytime blue blockers help prevent digital eye strain, CVS (computer vision syndrome), itchy & dry eyes. They are also good for reducing cortisol (stress hormone) production.

Supercharge your body with Sunrise!

Watching the sunrise is one of the best practices to help our body’s circadian rhythm and hormonal system to be in balance. When the Sun rises it does not emit UV light. On the other hand, it emits a huge amount of healing infrared rays and beneficial full-spectrum blue light.

Digital devices fit so naturally into our daily lives that it’s easy to forget how “unnatural” it is for our eyes to work, read and play from a digital display for hours. Backlit displays expose us to higher than normal amounts of blue light which can cause digital eye strain, fatigue, and sometimes permanent damage to your eyesight.

Studies also found that it creates damages in skin cells. Thus our skin ages faster.

The study:

How Blue Light Affects Health


So you get it why we must block blue light at night and not all blue light is bad during the day.
At daytime natural blue light from the sun is balanced with infrared light that is why it is really beneficial for our body to boost alertness, cognitive function and provides signals to our brain for energy production.


  1. When Should I Block Blue Light?

    When you are exposed to TV, Laptop, Smartphone screens and also when you work indoors under LED or Fluorescent lamps

  2. Which Blue Blocking Glasses Is Recommended During the Day?

    During the daytime, it is recommended to use daytime blue blocking glasses or computer glasses.

  3. Which Blue Blocking Glasses Is Recommended at Night?

    At night is recommended to use Night-time blue blocking glasses with orange-red lenses. Use your blue blockers before sleep at least 2-3 hours before sleep. The best practice is to use it when the sun has set.

  4. Can I Use My Blue Blockers as Sunglasses?

    No. We do not recommend to use you blue blockers as sunglasses. Though they block out UV light, you do not want to reduce natural blue light which is beneficial for our body.

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