The All-in guide to Optimal Health

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Table of Contents:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Clean Water
  3. Minimize Artificial Light and non-native Electromagnetic Fields
  4. Grounding
  5. Optimal Sleep
  6. DHA, Seasonal Eating, and Eliminating Fake Food
  7. Cold
  8. Personal and Interpersonal Development

Optimize Your Biology, Optimize Your Life


Quantum Biology: In this post I will explain how and why what we are currently taught is not completely true and how you can achieve optimal health, performance, well-being, and happiness using science’s most current understanding of how biology functions.  This is inspired by the work of Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon working to show the world that chronic disease development is not a natural part of aging.  His work can be found at

New scientific research on certain topics is often ignored or not conducted at all because funding is difficult to come by, or comes from special interests with the expectation of certain results; many scientists’ reputations and livelihoods as well as entire industries are based on standing paradigms, and any slight challenge to these paradigms can destroy a scientist’s reputation, despite even the most reasonable arguments.  Anyone who cares about their health and well-being should be very careful about believing a system that is keeping so many people sick.  A key point to keep in mind is that humans generally believe what we are taught without question.  However, if all the things that we are currently taught are true, that we know how biology fundamentally works, we would be able to explain why rates of ailments such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many others, continue to increase, unbridled.

To achieve optimal human performance, we have to attempt to capture as much energy as possible from our environment (i.e. to optimize our “quantum yield”).  The more energy we have, the stronger tissues we are able to build, the greater mental agility we are able to exploit, and the greater overall function we will experience.  A great template we can look at is the environment that allowed the modern human, who has conquered the world and made it possible for me to write and for you to read this, to evolve from an ape.  This required massive amounts of energy and certain substrates to occur, and early humans actually had larger brains than we do today.  Genes do not disappear, rather, they build on each other, meaning we still have the genes to be more optimal humans, but some other factor in our environment is missing or preventing us from being the best that we can be.

In order to elevate your life to the highest level possible, you have to want it.  Here, in the shortest form possible, I outline all of the practical applications for optimal health, well-being, performance, and life that derive from the principle findings of the emerging field of Quantum Biology.  I can guarantee you that these “pillars” can change your life forever, and that reading just this 2 pages worth of text gives you the information necessary to create a life you might not even dream of, so if you think you can’t make it through, I challenge you to challenge yourself and to consider open-mindedly a new idea.  Surely many people with different ideas make the same guarantee about improving our lives, so we are tasked with using our own minds to decide- based on our senses, tangible, understandable evidence, and intuition- which truth we want to define our lives.  Keep in mind that if you have never challenged some fundamental tenant of your belief systems, it is likely that you are missing out on living the life that you deserve.

Lastly, my life was previously hindered because I believed almost everything that I was taught, unquestionably.  I do not want you to believe a single word that I share with you, rather I want you to challenge me in pursuit of the truths that can create the best future for yourself and for our species, as that is my goal too.

These pillars do not express my thoughts or opinions, rather they are what I have found, through 2 years of experimentation, to be the easiest and most effective ways to navigate the risks of our modern environments to provide for our biology the conditions for optimal health, mood, energy levels, sleep, performance, and life, that nature and evolution have set forth for homo sapiens, and that man is just beginning to uncover through science.

The Pillars of Optimal:

1.      Sunlight

  1. Wake up, ideally at sunrise, go outside barefoot and allow the sunlight to hit your eyes and skin (remove contacts, glasses, and clothes). Start with at least 15 minutes of exposure and increase as much as you can (even 1 minute is better than nothing).
    1. Why? Sunlight exposure, and only sunlight exposure, properly sets the circadian clock for each day, which in turn regulates all bodily processes and allows them to proceed optimally, such as metabolism, growth and repair, hormone levels, mood, and sleep.
    2. For more information:
      1. Effect of Light on Human Circadian Physiology
      2. Circadian Rhythms
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      5. Morning Sunlight Positively Influences BMI
      6. Effects of Artificial Dawn and Morning Blue Light on Daytime Cognitive Performance, Well-Being, Cortisol and Melatonin Levels
  2. You can look at the sun directly for the first 40 minutes after sunrise (start for 10 seconds and build up daily), and then look off to the side (around a 45 degree angle from it) so it still hits your eyes.
  3. Beyond 15-30 minutes (or whatever you can muster) immediately upon rising,  aim to spend as much time as possible with little or no clothing and no contacts or glasses of any kind in the morning sun, especially between 8-11AM. The more time you spend here, the more optimal you will be.
    1. Why? Humans still absorb and utilize specific frequencies of the sun’s light (particularly IR and UV) to make many processes in our bodies occur properly. Animals developed eating to gain more energy and create more complex organisms, but we never stopped needing sunlight to run various processes optimally.
    2. Doesn’t sunlight cause skin cancer?  The first task for an organism to survive is to adapt to its environment.  We evolved to optimally interact with the sun, in fact, it gave us life.  Our ancient ancestors in Egypt worshiped the sun and in Rome built rooms for sunbathing into their houses; the health-giving powers of the sun were well-known.  When people began to spend most of their time indoors during the industrial revolution, all sorts of epidemics of disease began, such as rickets in children.  Not surprisingly, the main cure for rickets, as well as for various other diseases of industrialization, was ultraviolet (UV) light.  In the 1970’s, excess sun exposure, rather than our increasingly modern, disconnected lifestyle, was the easiest factor to link cause-and-effect with increasing rates of skin cancer.  Humans began using sunscreen, always wearing sunglasses, and avoiding the sun, and our modern disease epidemic has gotten significantly worse, as would be expected by someone who understands evolution.  As if this weren’t enough, melanoma, supposedly caused by the sun, still occurs in regions that are rarely/never exposed to the sun, such as the vagina, mouth, and GI and respiratory tracts.
    3. For more information: 
      1. Benefits of Sunlight Independent of Vitamin D
      2. Avoiding the Sun Increases Mortality More Than Smoking (how sunlight exposure precedes all other factors for health)
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      5. Map of Skin Cancer Death Rates Across the Globe (notice: they are higher in modernized countries that receive less sunlight and spend the majority of time indoors, and lower around the equator where they have more sun and spend more time outdoors)
      6. Natural mechanisms for preventing sunburns are affected by the modern indoor lifestyle
      7. Heal Yourself With Sunlight
      8. How sunburns are not natural, but a modern affliction caused by our modern lifestyle
      9. Example: Avoid sunlight, wear lots of sunscreen, live a disconnected, modern lifestyle, and get cancer
  4. If you sunburn or react to sun exposure, begin with as much sun as you can tolerate. Cover your skin with clothing to allow sunlight to at least touch your eye; never wear sunscreen.  Focus on optimizing each other pillar in your life (especially 2-7) and you will soon be able to tan normally.
  5. Ditch your sunglasses. Your eye is the most important surface and you want sunlight to reach it whenever you are outdoors.
  6. If indoors or in a car, open windows to allow the full spectrum of sun to enter.
  7. Sunbathe nude whenever you can.  If you don’t have anywhere to do this or prefer to sunbathe somewhere public, purchase tan-through swimwear, clothing made from a special type of fabric that allows the sun’s rays to pass through while keeping your skin well out of sight.
    1. Why?: As we would have done naturally throughout evolution and adapted to, this allows your reproductive organs to obtain the frequencies of sunlight that are vital to the proper functioning of all cells in the body.  Not to mention, studies show that exposure to certain frequencies can increases males’ testicle function by 300%.  Logically, women could expect similar benefits to their reproductive function and health.

2.      Clean Water

  1. Avoid chlorinated, fluoridated, and public tap water in general. Drink only spring water, well water, or reverse osmosis water.  Aim to drink around a gallon, ice cold (make ice using ice cube trays), every day, varying with body weight, activity, and environment (e.g.: more time on computer or under fake light –> more water).
    1. Why? Molecularly, 99% of you is water.  Before all things, we should ask whether it makes sense to alter the water that we have been drinking for millions of years when, without it, we would not even exist.  Then, when research shows that the water in us stores energy and that fluoride hinders its capacity to store energy, we should really consider whether it is really good for dental health, or just the cheapest way to clean public water as long as negative effects are not immediately obvious to the public (you might come to see things from a new perspective).
    2. For more information:
      1. Academic Research on Fluoride
      2. Fluoride, Killing Us Softly; How Toxic Waste Was Marketed to the Public
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      9. Study Links Fluoride and Cardiovascular Disease, Today’s Leading Cause of Death 
    3. To make this possible, find a spring water delivery service; they deliver to your doorstep or purchase 2.5 gallons jugs from any supermarket or drugstore. Cool the water as cold as possible with ice and/or by leaving it in a pitcher in your fridge.  Take a stainless steel or glass water bottle out with you, or purchase water bottles while out.

3.      Minimize Artificial Light and non-native Electromagnetic Fields (nn-EMF) in Your Environment (where you spend your time)

  1. Note on blue light: Artificial light, like most visible light, is composed of a variety of different frequencies.  Blue light frequencies make up massive proportions of most artificial lighting, especially fluorescent tubes, CFLs (“eco-friendly” bulbs, and LEDs).  Blue light frequencies, first from the sun, signal to our brain to produce the stress hormone, cortisol, to halt melatonin production and to wake us up in the morning.  Now that we are constantly surrounded by and staring into primarily blue light, we are constantly creating excess cortisol, which means greater stress and inflammation, less happiness, well-being, lower performance, and, especially if exposed after dark, hindered sleep and therefore hindered repair, and a loss of efficiency in your organism.  In the long run, this means a faster onset of diseases, lots of money spent on a shoebox of medications whose names you cannot pronounce, and faster death.
  1. For More Information:
      1. Harvard: Blue Light Has a Dark Side
      2. Blue Light Induces Mitochondrial DNA Damage and Free Radical Production in Epithelial Cells
      3. Blue Light Exposure Reduces TH-Positive Dopamine Neurons
      4. Artificial Light-at-Night Exposure Contributes to the Worldwide Obesity Pandemic
      5. Evening Use of Light-Emitting eReaders Negatively Affects Sleep, Circadian Timing, and Next-Morning Alertness
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      7. Melatonin Suppression by Light in Humans Is More Sensitive Than Previously Reported
      8. How Light Pollution May Interfere with Your Sleep
      9. Could Technology Be Our Achilles Heel?
  2. Avoid or minimize artificial light where possible, especially as it gets dark outside, through these methods:
  3. Purchase glasses to block the harmful blue frequencies on our site.
  4. Download Iris : on your computers, twilight on Android phones, and night shift on iOS. Set them on the strongest setting (less blue light) at all times (set night shift to run from 10:00 AM to 9:59 AM on the strongest setting); also, keep your brightness on the lowest setting possible that you can see at all times
  5. Use candles (set a mirror behind one to double its strength) and red lights instead of fluorescent or LEDs
  6. Cover your skin while under artificial light (most important at night).
  7. Block all artificial light from your room while asleep (use blinds or an eye mask).
  8. minimize nn-EMF: Turn your phone on airplane mode, turn off the Wi-Fi in your house, and kill the circuit for your bedroom while you sleep, or at least unplug all electronics in and around your room.
    1. Why?: There is far more to the story than the speeches of “harmless” that the power and telecommunications industries have been throwing up for over 40 years.  Life, like all things, is fundamentally composed of electrically charged particles.  Physics says that all charged particles interact, even at of infinity and beyond.  These fields do affect our biology, the question, then, is just how much.  If they were similar to the Earth’s magnetic field (created by the flowing molten core), in which we evolved, then it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect minimal effects, but we still owe it to our children to, just to be certain of safety.  When we create fields like those from high-voltage transmission lines, that are 100’s of 1000’s of times stronger than the Earth’s, then, wouldn’t it make sense that we study them to see if they have an effect on biology, in case these fields, which we can’t perceive, could possibly harm us in some way?  Well, in the 70’s, a small group of men asked this question, and did the research, only to find some very troubling things.  However, the men who believed that they were “leading the future” by covering our continents in power lines, did not agree that these effects should be studied.  They had more money and legal influence than one might imagine possible within our supposedly fair and democratic system today, and they won out.  You can read about how this happened in Andrew Marino’s book called “Going Somewhere: Truth About a Life in Science”.
    2. For More Information:
    3. EMF Studies
    4. International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology
    5. EMF & Health
    6. International EMF Scientists
    7. European Union Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks: Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields
  9. Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi on your computer.  Opt to work outdoors to be away from electric wiring and appliances.  Optimize your sleep space by either sleeping outdoors on a towel with some cushions, a sleeping bag, or a comforter, or in a tent, or by purchasing a Magnetico sleep pad for under your mattress, as well as moving your bed away from outlets and electrical appliances such as TV’s and refrigerators (their fields pass through walls).  If you’re really interested you can buy this meters for detecting electric and magnetic fields so that you can optimize your sleeping environment, and other places where you spend a lot of your time.
  10. Know that traditional wired Ear Buds carry an electric current and therefore produce a field that penetrates directly into your brain.  To minimize this, and therefore minimize the known negative side effects and the remaining unknown side effects, listen to music out loud, on a speaker, when you can.  Better yet, consider purchasing a pair of Air Tube Headphones, which pass the sound from a small speaker, through a tube of air, into your ear, rather than up the wire to a speaker directly in your ear.  If want to be really savvy, you can sell your new apple headphones for $15, throw in 15 extra dollars, and get ear buds of better sound quality that don’t slowly decrease your brain’s proper and optimal function.
  11. Note on working out: Although one of the most prominent trends in the modern health paradigm is exercise, we have begun to do so entirely indoors: in gyms, on the bench, on the court, on the treadmill, and so on.  When we exercise with an artificial blue light signal (found in massive proportions in all bright white lights used in gyms, courts, and so on) on our eyes and on our skin, we create excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS), i.e. inflammation.  Using our body the way it was designed, that is, outside, this is not a problem, because our body is designed to use the red frequencies of light found in the sun, which are always present when blue is present, to signal for repair, building, and growth.  The problem is that artificial lights contain a completely unbalanced spectrum, so any of us working out indoors are creating massive amounts of inflammation, ultimately shortening our telomeres (the tips of DNA that are constantly zipped and unzipped; indicators of longevity) and their stem cell counts, even if we are building muscle in the moment.  Not to mention, we will steal massive amounts of mitochondrial capacity from our brain and heart to fuel this muscle growth (primarily for vanity purposes; if you ever wondered why many big dudes seem stupid, uncontrollable, and highly egotistical, now you know why.  Low mitochondrial capacity in the brain -> low neurotransmitter & hormone function = low mood -> a perceived need to diminish other people to feel better about one’s self.)  Furthermore, the artificial light throws off our circadian rhythm, so our sleep becomes sub-optimal and our performance further declines.  This all acts to accelerate our demise to decreased overall health and well-being, eventual disease progressions, as well as not being able to maintain our physique, getting fat, and looking like the average middle-aged American today by age 40.  Good news?  We can find a few heavy object laying around our houses, lift them in our yards, cancel our gym memberships, and avoid this tragic fate.  We can spend the money that we save on something we love that doesn’t shorten, rather extends our lifespan, such as good seafood, a beach trip, a camping trip, a spring water delivery service (cheaper than the gym for 5x the benefits), or some tan-through swimwear (read on).  Even better, we can work about 1/5th as much and get about 200-300% of (2-3x) the results of someone working out indoors.  I didn’t believe it either, until I tested it on myself, and it worked.  If you play for a team, talk to your coach and tell him or her about how someone you know studies breakthrough performance research, and that just by training outdoors you can increase everyone’s performance, as well as how they look, how they feel, and, not surprisingly (if you understand the science), their energy levels and the quality of their sleep, as well as decrease their rates of injury (more sunlight is linked to stronger bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues).  You can even tell him/her to look into professional sports teams beginning to train outside for these exact reasons.  Just because everyone else does something, it does not mean that it’s right.  Very often, in fact, it happens that the majority is wrong, and that by limiting ourselves to what everyone else does, we are guaranteeing mediocrity in our lives.  Try something new, or you might never know what you could have experienced.
    1. For More Information:
      1. (see references above on artificial light)
      2. Building Better Athletes With More Sleep
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      5. Let The Sunshine In And Have Strong And Healthy Bones

4.      Grounding

  1. Spend as much time barefoot outdoors as possible (consider eating outdoors or getting an outdoor workstation); always be barefoot while sunbathing.
    1. Why? It is proven that the Earth’s surface is negatively charged and that we gain energy (in the form of electric current, i.e. electrons) by being connected to it barefoot, as we were throughout the entirety of evolution. We can’t expect to make such a massive, constant change to our biology and not see adverse effects on our health, well-being, and performance.
    2. For more information:
      1. What Is Grounding/Earthing and Why is it Vital for Optimal Health and Performance?
      2. Health Implications of Earthing
  2. Consider purchasing leather-soled shoes or another version of “grounding” footwear to be grounded while wearing shoes. (examples are Pluggz, Soft Stars, Earthrunners, and any leather-soled shoes- common on women’s boots and men’s oxford/dress-type shoes, just ask a representative at any shoe store or cobbler.)

5.      Optimal Sleep

  1. Go to sleep around 9/10 pm, closer to 9 in the winter, later in the summer, and aim to rise to the morning sun, ideally at sunrise. Th e more you are able to do this, the more optimal you will be.  Pick and choose your late nights for times that you enjoy, don’t stay out late and do nothing just because your friends do.
    1. Why?: Your body is made of water, light & electrons, proteins, fats, carbs, and DNA/RNA.  DNA/RNA stores information for coding proteins, fats and carbs store energy, light and electrons are energy, which leaves proteins.  These are the physical structures that allow our cells and organisms to be as complex as they are; they are far more complex than the others, and their synthesis is the single-most energy expensive process in life, accounting for an estimated 20% of energy expenditure in humans, up to 50% during growth and development, and up to 80% in other forms of life.  Naturally, through use during wakefulness, our proteins become slightly deformed; the more of a disconnected, inflammatory lifestyle we live, the worse this becomes.  If we go to sleep at a proper time (around 9 or 10, depending on the season), and haven’t been staring into a clock-disrupting screen or surrounded by artificial light, we are able to stop damaging and begin to repair our proteins, rather than spend so much of our energy destroying and rebuilding them, ultimately taking away energy from other processes, such as optimizing our sex steroid hormones to make us attractive to the opposite sex.  What’s more, not sleeping for even just a few days can kill us completely, so not sleeping a lot regularly due to excess blue light exposure as well as procrastination makes us less like the living and more like the walking dead.  This certainly isn’t ideal if you’re looking to look good, to feel good, to perform well, to enjoy vitality, to live long, and to look good at the age of 45.  As a certain esteemed neurosurgeon often says, our life is just the slowest form of death that we choose to create for ourselves.
    2. For More Information:
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  2. Follow pillar 6 to create an optimal environment for your sleep because it is where you spend a massive portion of your time.

6.      DHA, Seasonal Eating, and Eliminating Fake Food

  1. Adopt a mindset of food as fuel to make your life amazing
  2. Eliminate refined carbohydrate products (cereals, chips, pretzels, cookies, cakes, refined sugar, refined oils (vegetable, canola, corn, soybean, sunflower, etc.), and all dairy products (unless raw or grass-fed). If possible, eliminate grains and legumes, especially if they are not prepared to remove naturally occurring toxins.  Regularly consuming these will hinder overall performance, health and well-being.  This will become effortless upon correcting your metabolism & body’s clock with sunlight.
    1. Why? These foods, especially the processed ones, are known to contribute to massive amounts of inflammation and disease.  The desire for refined sugars is primarily driven by an energy inefficiency caused by a low quantum yield from your environment, including a lack of sunlight exposure and excess artificial blue light exposure, as well as an energy-deficient (high-quality fat-deficient) diet.  It disappears completely when these mismatches are corrected.
    2. For more information:
      1. How Processed Foods Are Killing People
      2. How Processed Foods Affect Us
      3. Processed Foods: How Do They Affect Your Body?
  3. Aim to consume as much DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), an omega-3 fat found in seafood, as possible; ideally, one or more servings daily. The following foods are ordered by DHA & nutrient content (Aim to eat only wild seafood; if you can’t afford it, farmed seafood is still 10x better than anything else for “optimal”):
    1. Bivalves (oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, etc.)
    2. Shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, etc.)
    3. Fish (caviar, sardines, mackerel, salmon, trout, bass)
    4. Why?: DHA is a special fat that allows marine species to thrive by optimally utilizing relatively small amounts of available sunlight.  Unlike other fats, it is not burnt off for energy, rather mammals (us) incorporate DHA into our cell membranes and especially into our nerve cells and brain due to its special quantum properties.  Humans are separated from all other land animals because a small group of our primate ancestors was pushed from the savanna to a region where shellfish and other marine food was abundant; this single lipid has been identified as the most prominent factor in the evolution of the human brain from an ape’s.
    5. For more information:
      1. The Epi-Paleo Prescription: The Optimal Diet for the Human Brain
      2. DHA: An Essential Brain Food
      3. How DHA (an omega-3 in seafood) Separates Humans From Apes
  4. When not consuming seafood, here are other, less optimal protein options (aim for only grass-fed/pasture-raised animals from an organic or farmer’s market)
    1. Organ meat (liver, tongue, brain, heart, etc.)
    2. Skeletal meat (ground meat, bacon, sausages, roasts, steaks, etc.)
    3. Eggs
  5. Consume as much high-quality fat as necessary to be satiated
    1. Naturally occurring in seafood and meat
    2. Butter from grass-fed cows (most markets now sell Kerrygold from Ireland)
    3. Organic, virgin Coconut oil
    4. Olive oil, Avocado oil
    5. Nuts & Seeds (limit to a handful a day while working towards optimal due to high omega-6 content)
    6. Why?: Won’t red meat and saturated fat and clog my arteries?  Isn’t the USDA food pyramid based on honest science, free from lobbyists’ influence, and absolutely correct?  Dream on.  Increasing rates of cardiovascular disease in the 70’s prompted the search for a clear-cut cause, and saturated fat and cholesterol levels were the clearest culprit in a few studies.  What the researchers back then missed, that many today have confirmed, is that cholesterol and saturated fat are the fundamental building blocks of our skin, cell membranes, and even our brain, and that they appear anywhere where there’s inflammation not because they are the cause, but because they are necessary for repair.  Meanwhile, after this, humans continued to alter our environment further with new technology, an indoor lifestyle, ultimately altering the function of our biology; in addition, we cut out saturated fat and cholesterol from red meat and dairy and replaced them with sugar and other refined carbohydrates, and cardiovascular disease has become the #1 killer in the USA today.  Still think they got it right?  Think again.
    7. For More Information:
      1. A Heart Surgeon’s Viral Confession (Inflammation, not saturated fat and cholesterol, is the root cause of cardiovascular disease)
      2. Time Magazine: We Were Wrong About Saturated Fats
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  6. Consume plant foods when they correspond to the light cycle in your area. Unless you are overweight, you can eat plenty of fruit and starches (sweet potatoes, plantains, etc.) around the sunny summer months.  Eat vegetables freely most of the year, and very little produce at all around the dead of winter, besides seaweeds.
    1. Sunny months: fruits, vegetables, non-grain starches (plantains, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.), seaweeds (irish moss, wakame, kelp, nori, etc.)
    2. Transition months: vegetables, seaweeds, less and less fruit and starch
    3. Cold months: seaweeds, little/no vegetables; seafood, meat, and fat-based diet.
    4. Why?: In order for all of the reactions in our body to occur on time, we have a master clock (in our brain) and peripheral clocks in all of our organs.  In order to run properly, a sunlight stimulus is required in the morning, and artificial light, especially at night, can hinder our clocks’ coordination.  Although not as obvious, our body absorbs light on 3 other main surfaces, in addition to our eye: the skin, the lungs, and the gut.  Another way of hindering the coordination of our clocks, and therefore our normal function, is to give mismatched light signals to various surfaces.  Believe it or not, the season in which your food was grown is encoded in the food in the amount of energy from photons (light) that is stored in the electrons of that food; when you eat it, your gut receives and decodes this light signal.  The key: If your eye is getting a low-light signal from the sun during winter, and your gut gets a high-light signal from a carbohydrate-type food that can only be grown in long light cycles, such as a banana, you are creating discoordination of your clocks and  resultant inflammation, even if you cannot see or feel it.  Because some 99% of humans in the developed world are chronically hindering their biology in ways like this, you can gain an edge up on essentially everyone in performance by just allowing your biology to function properly.
    5. For More Information:
      1. What Happens When We Put Natives on a Standard American Diet (SAD)
      2. Overview of the Ancient Wiring Still Present in Our Brains Today
  7. Consume Probiotic Foods regularly (yogurt, kombucha, kefir, raw/unpasteurized fermented vegetables)
  8. Use Seafood Broths and Bone Broths liberally (bones from grass-fed animals)
  9. Want to regain a healthy weight (you’re skinny or overweight)?  Follow the steps laid out here in the Leptin Prescription, to the letter, and you will experience change that you never imagined possible.

7.      Cold

  1. Cooling the skin allows for the absorption of more sunlight and thereby can help prevent tissue damage (i.e. sunburns). Also, if you’ve ever heard of “the Iceman” Wim Hof, or the Sherpas, who make possible the climb up Mount Everest, you are aware of the performance benefits of cold training. Beyond performance, controlled cold exposure is proven to present a whole host of benefits to recovery, immune function, sleep, hormone and neurotransmitter levels, and overall health.
    1. Performance and Health Benefits of Cold Exposure
    2. Cold Thermogenesis (= heat making) Easy Start Guide & Benefits
    3. “The Ancient Pathway” (helped us mammals an extinction event and allows us to burn fat stores as free heat)
    4. “Superhuman” Feats Accomplished by Leveraging Cold Adaption
    5. Cold Exposure Increases Dopamine
  2. If you want to be able to burn fat stores to be able to better tolerate cold, follow the Cold Adaptation Protocol, as outlined here
    1. Find a bucket large enough to fit your head into. Every day for two weeks, fill it with water and ice to be below 55° F.  Dunk your head for as long as possible and record the time, then repeat.  Aim for 20 dunks, increasing duration and decreasing breaths in between each day.  Buy an infrared thermometer and make sure your skin temperature doesn’t go below 50° F.
    2. Then, daily, lay down wearing a compression shirt and place a 20 to 40 lb. bag of ice on your torso. Try to extend the time daily by 5 minutes or more.  Once you can complete 60 minutes, remove the shirt and build up to 60 minutes without it.  Once completed, or after 3-4 weeks, move on to the next step.
    3. Fill a tub (bath tub, feeding trough, stock tank) with water and bring it to around or below 50-60° F, or find a cold pool, river, lake or ocean. Hop in and stay in as long as possible, building up each day.  Make sure that your skin temperature does not go below 50-55° F.  When you can stay in a tub at this temperature for 45 minutes, you are cold adapted.  You will notice that you get goose bumps, your hairs stand on end, and you radiate heat whenever your skin is exposed to cold, e.g. in an air conditioned room.
    4. Continue to immerse in cold water whenever possible, especially before and while sunbathing. Also, you can wear less clothing when it gets cold outside for further benefits.
    5. If this seems unachievable, start just by taking a cool shower or spraying your skin with a hose before sunbathing, and work on each other pillar to build more dopamine, so that you are able to make better and better decisions for yourself and your future self.

8.      Personal and Interpersonal Development

  1. Constantly strive to be the best version of yourself, that is, be what you would hope to be like in 5, 10 or 20 years. Buy a notebook and reflect in it each day to find the things that make you happy and to improve the things that don’t.  Start by focusing on 1) things you are grateful for & things that made you happy 2) thoughts and situations that seemed negative and the lessons that you can learn from them 3) things that you want to do, whether soon or in the future.  Change the reflection as you see fit to decrease the negative in your life and to increase the positive.
  2. Ultimately, aim to find your passion, something that gives you meaning.  Identify things in the world that you know could be better, that you know you could improve and help the lives of many others.  Get out of your own way, do things that you enjoy doing, think about things that you couldn’t not do, and the rest will happen naturally.
  3. Take great caution when you find yourself doing things that everyone else is doing without thinking about why you are doing it.  Be careful when you trust that someone out there is watching out for you; it creates an ideal situation for you to be taken advantage of, intentionally or unintentionally.
  4. Remember that wherever we have a problem in society, although people might claim to have an answer, if it isn’t being solved then obviously our answers our incomplete, and we need to ask new, better questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask those questions.  Remember that anyone who has ever changed society on a massive scale started off as one person or a small group who knew that everyone else was wrong.  The Earth was once flat, and Copernicus said that everyone else was wrong; turns out he was right.
  5. They say “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.  Surround yourself with people who you genuinely love, admire, and who challenge you.  Talk to strangers; there is no reason not to.  You define your reality, and if you tell yourself “I’m not the kind of person who talks to people who interest me”, then you can bet that you won’t be.  In order to create the life that you want, you have to build the beliefs that can get you there, for example: “I am the type of person who talks to people I’m interested in, even if I don’t yet know them”.
  6. Optimal Sex: As you increase your quantum yield and your sex steroid hormone levels become optimized, you will notice a significant increase in your sex drive, as well as the quality of your sex.  Regular intercourse, especially with someone who you really care about, can make you even more optimal through the action of the hormone oxytocin.  Most people already know about the benefits of this, but aren’t aware of their magnitude.  A simple google search can provide ample information.
  7. Read to gain perspective on your ideal self and your ideal life- start with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma; it will bring your life to a new level.  To learn about creating financial freedom to live the life of your dreams, read The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.
Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice; the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this blog.



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