How to Breath correctly – The Ultimate Buteyko Method Guide

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Breathing correctly has tremendous benefits. Hundreds of clinical studies found that slower, calmer breathing can help with asthma, sports performance, better brain oxygenation, faster recovery from workouts, better sleep, etc.

All in all, it is an excellent way to improve your health for FREE.

Let’s dive into our practical guide.

Understanding the basic principles of correct breathing

Today’s society is suffering from over-breathing. Overbreathing means frequently taking big amounts of oxygen. This leads to low CO2 levels in the blood. 

This is serious a problem. Low CO2 levels lead to bad oxygen delivery to cells. When somebody has low CO2 levels in the blood, oxygen can not get to the cells, organs.

Scientific explanation:

O2 gets delivered to our cells on hemoglobin (blood cells). When the CO2 levels are low in the blood, Oxygen will stay in the blood and only a small amount of O2 is transferred to cells. This leads to low cell oxygen levels in your body (cells organs).

This phenomenon was explored by Christian Bohr in 1904. This is why it is called The Bohr effect. 

” Hemoglobin’s oxygen binding affinity (see oxygen–hemoglobin dissociation curve) is inversely related both to acidity and to the concentration of carbon dioxide”

In other words the less CO2 you have in your blood the worse the oxygen delivery gets. 

This is why it is counterintuitive to breath more because it leads to worse oxygen levels in the organs.

See the below picture

5.Essential rules of the Correct Buteyko Breathing!

See the below picture
  1. Always through the nose
  2. Quiet and slow
  3. Upright Posture
  4. No chest and shoulder movement
  5. Mouth open & heavy breathing

In simple terms, if you want to achieve better oxygenation of your organs, muscles you need to decrease your intake of oxygen. This will increase CO2 levels which leads to better O2 delivery. 

You shouldn’t worry about low O2 levels, since the blood has a fairly constant saturation of O2 around 96-99% (also called SpO2)

There are several exercises which are great for breathing training. These exercises will help your body to regain normal CO2 levels and make oxygen delivery much more effective.

The basic breathing exercises are

  1. Slow nasal and belly breathing 24/7 (no chest movement)
  2. Breath-holding while walking. (no mouthbreathing allowed)
  3. Aerobic exercises: Running, Interval training, Jogging ( only nasal breathing)
  4. Training mask – which stimulates high altitude training, increases CO2 levels.

The training mask is also used by professional athletes. It is highly recommended by Dr. Arthour Rhakimov and Patrick McKeown.

If you sleep with an open mouth tape your mouth with an anti-allergic tape (medical) so that your progress will be much faster.

mouth taping

If you want to dig deeper and learn more in-depth about the topic of proper breathing go to or, Where you can discover the works of Dr. Constatin Buteyko founder of Buteyko breathing, how he and his colleagues used these methods to cure chronic diseases, improve sports performance in Russian Olympians and many more fascinating facts about breathing.

You can also check out hundreds of clinical studies where they successfully used The Buteyko Method in ill patients.

Other benefits of correct Buteyko breathing:

  • Better deuterium depletion
  • Easier to stay in ketosis (better ketone levels)
  • Slower cell aging
  • Better sleeping, more energy, faster recovery
  • Better jaw and facial growth (also called mewing: proper tongue posture) – To learn more about hacking your jawline and proper tongue posture watch these videos:

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Thank you for your time and attention.

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