Do I need Blue Blocking Glasses

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Never before in history have people been exposed to as much blue light as they do today. While our ancestors only received blue light from the sun’s rays, we are already flooded with screens from our various digital devices.

May cause sleep problems

Blue light – from the sun – has a good effect on our mood and ability to concentrate, but in excessive amounts from screens and energy-efficient LED lights, it is already extremely unhealthy. That’s why we need to pay attention to how much time we spend on “gadgets” on a daily basis – especially for those whose work also puts them in front of a monitor for several hours a day.

The cyan color is located between green and blue. Biologists say it has a much stronger effect on us – primarily our sleep – than previously thought, even if we don’t even perceive its presence with the naked eye. How does it affect our sleep?

Those who are exposed to too much blue light very often struggle with sleep problems. Extreme amounts not only make it difficult to fall asleep but also degrade the quality of sleep. Several studies show that blue light can upset the circadian rhythm, making us more sleepless at night and more tired and deconcentrated during the day as it reduces melatonin secretion. The good news is that blue bocking glasses can reduce the harmful effects.

 Too much blue light at night can also upset our circadian rhythm

Too much blue light can also upset our circadian rhythm
Too much blue light can also disrupt our circadian rhythm

It can also contribute to diabetes, breast & prostate cancer according to an Oxford Study

Blue light can contribute to the development of diabetes and obesity precisely because of its effect on circadian rhythms, provided we get too much of it. Research shows that people whose circadian rhythms are disrupted, which regulate sleep and wakefulness have higher blood sugar levels, which can lead to prediabetes and obesity.

It is also dangerous to the health of our eyes

Because our eyes alone cannot properly filter out or block blue light, the rays of light penetrate the cornea and reach the retina. Research from the University of Toledo has found that it damages photosensitive cells in the retina, causing lesions similar to macular degeneration. Also bad for our eye health is that as we blink less while sitting in front of a computer, our eyes are put under increased strain, which can cause our eyes to deteriorate sooner and our vision to weaken. This is why it is important that those who regularly work in front of a computer or other screen workwear special goggles with yellow-colored lenses. If someone has had cataract surgery, they should take it even more seriously, precisely because of the retinal damaging effects of blue light.

How can we defend against it?

If you want to protect yourself from blue light, wear blue blocking eyeglasses, banish your gadgets from the bedroom, and eat foods that are high in lutein and zeaxanthin because they are good for the eyes. The latter include egg yolks, kiwi, grapes, spinach, and zucchini.

At night the damaging effects of blue light is even worse. It can litterlly wreck havoc on your sleep.

Researchers found that artificial light at night can alter metabolism, cell regeneration, sleep hormone melatonin secretion.

Get your pair of night-time blue blocking glasses now.

Arnold already has one…

Arnold Schwarzenegger in blue blocking eyeglasses
Arnold Schwarzenegger in blue blocking eyeglasses

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