How Earthing Helps Your Body Fight Off Inflammation

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What is Earthing?

Earthing or grounding in simple terms touching the ground with your bare skin. It can be any conductive surface such as concrete, soil, grass, lake or tile as long as the material is directly on contact with the Earth.

The Earthing Movie: More than 13 Doctors and PhD researchers helped this movie to come alive

Grounding our body is a very effective way of reducing inflammation in the body, lowering blood pressure & increasing overall wellbeing and energy levels.

In this short video you can learn how grounding works why is it so good for health.
The effects of earthing on premature infants ??? (43 sec)

How to ground yourself????

It is easy just go barefoot on any of these conductive materials:

  • Mother Earth
  • Grass
  • Lake, Sea, etc
  • Concrete
  • Tiles

Not conductive materials:

  • -vinyl
  • -plastic
  • -wood

For many people, however, there isn’t time in their busy days to go out barefoot. So, there are also indoor options. Invest in grounding products—which can be used while sleeping, relaxing, or working. 


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