Sundown – Blue Blocking Fitover Glasses


  • UV, glare, and scratch-resistant lenses
  • Lightweight waterproof polycarbonate frame
  • Wrap-around styling engineered to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses for maximum coverage

Lightweight full coverage nighttime junk light blockers that fit over prescription glasses

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Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses before Sleep with Orange Lenses – Biohacker

Our amber lens is made in an optical lab with the highest visual acuity. This is the ideal option for providing greater color perception over our red lens, whilst still providing adequate blue light protection.

Features of our night blue light blocker:

  • Full protection against all blue light.
  • Pure polycarbonate strong frame and lens
  • UV with mirror-free lenses

These glasses are perfect for use in the early evening when blue light protection is required but greater colour perception is preferred.


  • It blocks all blue, sleep-robbing light from wavelengths emitted by fluorescent lights, LEDs, electronics, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Supports hormone levels in the evening and at night
  • Improving the overall sleep cycle
  • Helps synchronize circadian rhythm

Important note

Do not drive in fit over glasses as you can easily get sleepy.


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Usage guide

  1. Wear it 2-3 hours before bed or after sunset, continuously and every day.
  2. Take it off after you go to bed and turn off all the lights before.
  3. Do not wear night blue light-blocking glasses during daylight hours.
  4. Go outdoors and have a healthy sunbathing time during the day! Natural sunlight increases serotonin levels, which are later converted to melatonin, helping you sleep deeper, regenerate better at night.


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