Red Headlamp


Red headlamp for night lighting

The red headlight does not emit blue and green light, thus helping our body secrete melatonin in the evening and make our sleep more relaxing and deeper. Get up fresh every morning!

Night blue light has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, elevated cortisol levels at night, sleep disturbances, low melatonin levels (sleep hormone).
Our headlamps allow your hormone balance to not be overturned by artificial lights at night.

Use it in the evening instead of harmful LEDs and other energy-saving bulbs that emit large amounts of blue light.


Product Type: T6 LED Headlamp
Lumens: 800lm
Lighting Modes: High Light- Low Light- Strobe
Light Color: Red
Feature: Zoomable
Power Supply: 2x 18650 Li-ion Batteries
Function: Rechargeable
Charging time:7-8 H
Working Time: High Light 3-4 Hours, Low Light 7-8 Hours
Waterproof Rate: IPX4, rainproof headlight

Package A Include:
1x T6 LED Headlamp(White/Red/Green)
1x USB Charger
Package B Include:
1x T6 LED Headlamp(White/Red/Green)
2x 18650 Li-ion Batteries 3.7V
1x USB Charger



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