Optimity HBOT Cabin – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


Product Overview

The Optimity HBOT Cabin is a state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber designed to provide therapeutic benefits through increased oxygen saturation in the body. This hyperbaric chamber is ideal for both home and clinical use, offering a range of health and wellness advantages.

Key Features

  • Advanced Construction: The cabin is constructed from high-strength medical-grade TPU nanocomposite fiber, ensuring durability and safety. It includes a safety door, observation window, and safety valve for maximum security.
  • High-Pressure Environment: Simulates a 1.3-1.4 atmospheric pressure environment, allowing for increased oxygen dissolution in the blood, enhancing oxygen delivery to tissues.
  • Comprehensive Oxygen Therapy: Equipped with a high-pressure oxygen-enriched generator that enhances blood oxygen levels, improves circulation, and supports overall health.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features an intuitive operation mode with a clear display for monitoring pressure levels, time settings, and safety indicators. The sliding door and large observation window ensure ease of use and comfort.


  • Enhanced Healing and Recovery: Promotes faster tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and accelerates recovery from injuries and surgeries.
  • Boosted Immunity: Increases white blood cell activity, enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight infections.
  • Improved Mental and Physical Performance: Increases stamina and endurance, improves sleep quality, and supports cognitive functions.
  • Anti-Aging and Skin Health: Promotes collagen production and better skin health, contributing to a more youthful appearance.
  • Stress Relief: Provides a calm and relaxing environment, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Why You Should Buy

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for treating a range of conditions including chronic fatigue, wound healing, sports injuries, and neurological conditions.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Designed for easy use at home with professional-grade features. The spacious interior and high-quality materials ensure a comfortable therapy session.
  • Proven Health Benefits: Backed by extensive research and used by medical professionals worldwide, the Optimity HBOT Cabin offers significant health benefits with minimal risks.

Warranty Information

The Optimity HBOT Cabin – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber includes a 2-year warranty covering all parts and manufacturing defects. This ensures you receive reliable support and service, guaranteeing peace of mind with your purchase.

Technical Overview

The Optimity HBOT Cabin is meticulously engineered to deliver effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a controlled environment. The chamber features a high-strength medical-grade TPU nanocomposite fiber construction, ensuring robustness and safety. It operates at pressures between 1.3 to 1.4 ATA, simulating a high-pressure environment that significantly enhances the dissolution of oxygen in the blood according to Henry’s Law. The chamber is equipped with an advanced high-pressure oxygen-enriched generator, which utilizes PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to provide a consistent flow of oxygen at a concentration exceeding 90%.

The system includes several safety and operational features such as a manual safety valve for pressure adjustment, a large observation window for monitoring, and an automatic constant pressure safety valve. The high-pressure oxygen intake valve ensures 360-degree rotation to prevent damage and ease of assembly. Additionally, the device integrates an intuitive control panel for time and pressure settings, making it user-friendly for both home and clinical environments. The chamber’s design also prioritizes comfort with a spacious interior and high-quality support accessories, including a specialized mattress and secure zip entrance.

The Optimity HBOT Cabin supports a wide range of therapeutic applications, from accelerating wound healing and reducing inflammation to enhancing cognitive function and improving overall physical health. This hyperbaric chamber is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, providing a reliable solution for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  • Cabin Specifications: Φ750 mm x 2160 mm (29.53 inches x 85.04 inches)
  • Oxygen Unit: 420 mm x 460 mm x 820 mm (16.54 inches x 18.11 inches x 32.28 inches)
  • Pressurization Time: 200KPa, 75L/min
  • Output Pressure: 0.06MPa
  • Chamber Pressure: 0-30KPa (adjustable)
  • Maximum Oxygen Concentration: 93%+/-3
  • Minimum Flow Rate: >=5L


The Optimity HBOT Cabin – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – your gateway to advanced healing and wellness. Backed by prestigious certifications including FDA, EMC, CE, RoHS, and ISO13485, our chamber guarantees top-tier safety, quality, and performance. Experience the pinnacle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Optimity, designed to deliver optimal health benefits and superior user comfort. Trust in our certified excellence for your health journey.

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