Full Spectrum Circadian-Light™


The Revolutionary Day to Night Full Spectrum Light Bulb

Circadian-Light™, the pioneer of circadian rhythm-oriented lighting technology, is an unprecedented global innovation. The most advanced technology from our brand transforms your indoor space with full spectrum lighting.

Three Modes for Optimal Lighting

Equipped with three color temperature modes – 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, Circadian-Light™ provides perfect illumination all day and all night. The modes can be adjusted to mirror the sun’s varying light phases from dawn to dusk.

  • 3000K: Simulates the warmth of sunrise and sunset.
  • 4000K: Imitates the natural daylight during the morning and afternoon.
  • 5000K: Replicates the bright midday sunlight.

Switching between these modes is as easy as flicking the light switch off and on.

The Importance of Full Spectrum Lighting – Mimic the Sunlight

Natural light exposure promotes wellbeing, thanks to the balanced full spectrum light the sun provides. Circadian-Light™ mimics this with its full spectrum lighting technology, which closely aligns with the sun’s visual color spectrum.

  • Enhances energy levels throughout the day
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts overall wellness

Rest assured, like all our products, Circadian-Light™ is designed with low EMF and is flicker-free.

How to Use the Circadian-Light™ Full Spectrum Light Bulb

Step 1: Installation

Install the Circadian-Light™ bulb into a compatible light fitting. The bulb is compatible with global voltages and is available in E27 and E14. The bulbs are high performance 18W bulbs.

Step 2: Operating Modes

  • Once installed, the light starts in the 5000K daylight mode when first turned on. To change modes, turn off the light, then turn it back on to signal the light to change modes.
  • Continue the off-on cycle to switch between the three modes until you find the one that best suits your needs.
  • Circadian-Light™ full spectrum light bulb requires no special switches, remotes, or controllers and is designed to work seamlessly with any existing light switch.

Shipping & Payment

Shipping & Payment

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