elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask
elevation 3.0 training mask

Elevation Fitness Training Mask 3.0


  • ✅ CUT YOUR WORKOUT TIME IN HALF! – Our Training Mask makes workouts more effective by simulating high altitudes. It will force you to exercise your diaphragm and respiratory system.
  • ✅ UNLOCK THE CHAMPION IN YOU – Breathe efficiently and reach unmatched endurance. Less fatigue, hardened body, more energy after training.
  • ✅ PROVEN RESULTS, PROVEN TECHNOLOGY – Our Workout Mask is anatomically designed, cutting edge technology to energize any sport – cardio, gym, running, cycling or aerobic exercises. Simulate altitude training and exercise your breathing anywhere.
  • ✅ AMPLIFY THE INTENSITY! – 6 breathing levels at your disposal – from beginner to pro. Change air flow intensity during workouts. No need to take your mask off!


How Our Elevation Training Mask affects Your Body

Oxygen Restriction

  • Lungs work harder and oxygenate more blood
  • More calories burned by working out at higher intensities

CO2 Tolerance

  • Hit exhaustion later with more stamina
  • Boost your tolerance for high-intensity activities

Mental Focus Growth

  • Thrive outside your comfort zone
  • Improve mental focus and toughness

Breathing Muscle Boost

  • Strengthen the diaphragm and other breathing muscles
  • Retrain your body to breathe correctly

Mask size:

COLOR: BLACK SIZE: Small (< 143 lbs) S size < 65 kg

COLOR: BLACK SIZE: MEDIUM (143 – 221lbs) M size -65KG-100kg

COLOR: BLACK SIZE: Large (>221Ibs) L size- >100 kg

The Training Mask 3.0 is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level. Performance breathing with the Training Mask 3.0 makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient; this gives you access to unparalleled workout stamina, endurance, and recovery

Elevation Training Mask 3.0

Training mask that simulates a high altitude environment!
Training mask with Air Filteration. You can use it during training to increase your endurance and sports performance.

Many professional athletes use a training mask in their preparations, workouts.

Benefits of the mask:

✅It trains your diaphragms and increases your performance
✅Increases lung capacity
✅Increases endurance
✅Training with a mask delays the onset of muscle acidification

You can change the level of resistance during training without removing the mask

Dimensions: S – up to 70 kg, M – up to 70-100 kg, L – over 100 kg
Ultralight anatomically shaped sleeve so it doesn’t slip off during training
Made of hygienic and the best anti-allergenic materials
The outer cover and strap are replaceable
Easy to disassemble and keep clean
Active air filtration technology filters air from harmful particles & dust


 High Altitude Breath Training Sport Mask Features:
Simulate high altitude environment to train your lungs and increase VO2 Max

Elevation Sports Mask 3.0 can be used in all sorts of physical activities including:

1) Running

2) Outdoor Cardiovascular Activities

3) Traditional Gym Based Cardio

4) High Tempo Weight Training

5) Sport Specific Exercise

6) Breathing Exercises

7) Yoga and Low Impact Activities

8) Crossfit Training Workouts

9) Plyometrics



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