Earthing socket tester

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The grounding tester device checks electrical connections (plugs) in the home to ensure they are properly grounded.


Instructions for Gounding/Earthing tester

Plug the tester into the socket you want to use. If the output is properly grounded, two green lights will appear on the tester, the meanings of the other light combinations are discussed below. If one of the plugs is not grounded, you may want to try testing another plug. Some sockets in the housing may be faulty while others are correct.

CORRECT: Correct grounding. Flawless plug.

MISSING EARTH: The ground wire is not connected to the plug. (Contact an electrician to connect)

LIVE EARTH REVERSE: Live and ground are wired in reverse. (Consult an electrician to connect correctly)

LIVE NEUTRAL REVERSE: Live and neutral are reversed. In this case, the grounding is correct, but it may be worth swapping the live and neutral. (The grounding product can be used)

MISSING NEUTRAL: The neutral is missing. In this case, the grounding is working correctly. Can be used for grounding.

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