Blue Light Blocking Daytime Glasses


✅Sleep more soundly, and fall asleep faster
✅Prevent damage to DHA essential fat in your retinal pigmented epithelium
✅ Improve metabolism (increase efficiency of mitochondria production)
✅Elevate your mood
✅Burn more fat through improved metabolic function and hormonal balance
✅Increased nighttime secretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone
✅Lower stress hormones naturally
✅Improve focus & mental clarity
✅Increase visual acuity and sharpness
✅Stop sugar cravings



❓  Do you spend your times indoors  ❓
❓ Do you work under artificial light ❓
❓   Do you work on a computer   ❓
❓  Are  you a student   ❓
❓ Are you a gamer ❓

❣️These glasses are invented for you❣️

✔️ Improved sleep quality  ✔️
✔️  Improved circadian rhythm  ✔️
✔️Massively reduction in headaches✔️

✔️ Relieve eye pain ✔️
✔️ Stops itchy, dry eyes ✔️

We ship our blue light blocking glasses for free.
Please allow 4 days for processing and 2-4 business weeks for shipping.

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Lenses Color

leopard, green, blue, white, black

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