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Blue Blocking Glasses for Sleep

☑️Biohacker Glasses.
☑️Block all sleep disrupting blue and green light.
☑️Better sleep instantly
☑️Work Hard & Sleep Hard
☑️Protect your melatonin sleep hormone levels

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Blue Blocking Glasses with Red Lenses for Sleep – Biohacker

The Secret “Sleep Hack” of High Performers
It’s amazing how many top-level entrepreneurs and “A” listers use blue-blocking glasses at night. Up until recently, it has been a closely guarded performance secret. But how do they work?

Blue Light at Night
Blue light exposure at night has been proven time and time again to be disastrous to your body’s internal clockwork. Your body tracks the time of day with special receptors in the eye that sense light levels. They are extremely sensitive to blue light. This is a problem because any blue light exposure after dark creates conflicting signals. Your biorhythms can become fragmented and distorted. Not Good…

The Disruption Zone
While the body is sensitive to higher levels of all visible light, the range of 450 – 510nm is by FAR the most disruptive.

Most blue-blocking glasses are not suitable for nighttime eyewear. The claim of blocking 99.9% blue light is meaningless if the full Disruption Zone (400nm-560nm) is not included. Our glasses are specifically designed to block all light in this range. By establishing these parameters we are setting a new standard that we hope other manufacturers will follow.

  • Product features:
    • Material: Polyester
    • Protection Features: All-around absorption.
    • Protection Wavelength: from 190nm to 560nm
    • Visible Light Transmittance: >55%.
    • The length of temple is adjustable (3.6 – 4.5 inch / 9 – 11.4cm).
    • Wrap around design
    • Full coverage  maximum protection

Virtual Darkness
By blocking 100% of light in the Disruption Zone 400nm-560nm, we are creating a personal bubble of “virtual darkness”.

* Safely use computers, tablets, and phones
* Protects against the strong blue emissions from LED and fluorescent lights.
* Allows your body to shift effortlessly into the nighttime physiology
* Allows for rapid sleep onset and deep natural sleep cycles
* Virtual personal darkness can be taken with you anywhere you go!

Our lenses are coated with professional blue-blocking layers.
All of our glasses are handmade, created for better health

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