• Blue Blocking Glasses

    Blue Blocking Glasses (57)

    Blue Blocking Glasses Prevent itchy, dry eyes, macular degeneration, bad sleep, circadian rhythm disruption. Our glasses give you protection from computer screens, TVs, LEDs, to help you work better, sleep better, and feel better. Available in a range of eye-catching designs and colors.
  • Earthing

    Earthing (3)

     Earthing Sheets & Mats Shop our high-quality Earthing products like grounded sheets, mats. Everything you need for Earthing your body at home! Our grounded silver-coated bed sheets are 95%  natural eco-friendly cotton with 5% silver. Regular earthing of our body: It restores the body's natural electrical state, soothes the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves blood flow.
  • Elevation Training Mask

    Elevation Training Mask (2)

    Elevation Training Mask Training mask that simulates a high altitude environment! You can use it during training to increase your endurance and sports performance. Active air filtration technology filters air from harmful particles & dust Benefits of the mask: ✅It trains your diaphragms and increases your performance ✅Increases lung capacity ✅Increases endurance ✅Training with a mask delays the onset of…
  • Red Light bulb

    Red Light bulb (3)

    Red Night Lamp for a better, deeper sleep. Red color spectrum promotes deep, restful and natural sleep: Minimize the types of light energy known to cause sleep disturbance (Blue and green light) High-quality night light: It does not vibrate, which prevents headaches and promotes concentration. Helps to naturally regulate circadian rhythm: Jakabstore Red Lamp enables the body to prepare for…
  • Red light therapy

    Red light therapy (5)

    IMPROVE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS  & MASSIVE HEALING BENEFIT & BETTER PERFORMANCE! ?Red Light Therapy Panels?  Heal faster Boost immunity Reduce aging Recover quicker WHY USE OUR RED LIGHT THERAPY PANEL? Jakabftiness panels emit superior amounts of RED & INFARED lights than our competitors! Our device delivers more power with deeper penetration than any other light on the market.  High power along with our…