Knowledge is power

The Sun is more important than you would think

It controls our circadian rhythm which is responsible for a lot of things such as hormones secretion. It is also a precursor to all hormones like serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, growth hormone and steroid hormones.

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Watch this video and educate yourself about why chronic disease is skyrocketing than never before. If Darwin was right these diseases shouldn’t exist.

Blue Light Exposed

Gradually increase you sun time

Do not burn, or if you have take a cold shower

#sunset #Sunrise

We have been told that the Sun is dangerous because of UV rays.
These misleading statments have been proven to be false

Why you should make it your daily habit

What is Grounding

It is Free

The best grounding place is the ocean or beach – Go on vacation yey.

Sunrise on Google Android 9.0

Loose fat

Get healed💖

Stay motivated😍

At the same time

Food & Fitness

They are probably the most overlooked when it comes to losing weight and getting better health.
It can help tremendously when combined with others like blocking blue light, morning sungazing, grounding, EMF protection…

Do not eat your neighbor

or at least don’t use ketchup

#sugar #mythbuster 

Understanding the basic principles is essential for making the right choices. You will learn when to eat what and why.